The royal and wise wizard A.K. Dabrah needs your help! His magical amulet – an enchanted artifact he uses to teleport to consult with the Knights of the Round Table – has gone missing, and the implications would be dire if the amulet falls into the wrong hands. With such a powerful motive, anybody might be the culprit – even his beloved pet cat!  Is it the Dark Knight? The Jester? The Raven Queen? Only you can discover who stole it and restore it to its rightful owner before powerful magic falls into the wrong hands! Search for clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, and cast spells while you explore A.K. Dabrah’s magical and mysterious wizard’s workshop in search for the amulet’s whereabouts – but hurry! You don’t want to make the Knights of the Round Table wait!



You boarded the abandoned ship deep beneath the sea, hoping to find treasure. Instead, you found a curse. The pirates that once walked these decks never left. What's worse, the halls are rigged with traps and puzzles making the way through almost impossible. But don't fear! You won't be doing this alone. Mermaids in the waters outside the ship will help you solve your way to the Captain's Quarters so you can steer your way back home! Good luck, shipmates!



The Museum of Light and Shadows has been robbed! Once the most popular exhibit at the museum, the enchanted wand has now vanished without a trace, despite elaborate and state-of-the-art security measures. Walk through a storybook and into a museum of fairy and folk tales alike to unravel the mystery of the missing wand. Test the expansive security systems yourself and discover how the villain of this story managed such a magical heist! Along the way, immerse yourself in the world of fairy tales and marvel at the artifacts that star at the heart of each – from apples to magic lamps, the museum has it all!  But remember, nothing is ever what it seems to be at the Museum of Good and Evil, and a greater magic may have woven a spell far more powerful than any mere burglar could muster.



Ever since archaeologists uncovered the tomb of the young pharaoh Nekauba and took his favorite ruby, strange things have happened in every museum to display it. Inexplicably, museum workers would find nearby exhibits damaged or broken and mysterious power outages plagued every building to store it. Some even claim that a ghostly red light fills the hallways at night. It was finally decided that the ruby needed to be returned to its beloved and rightful owner. Your job is to navigate Nekauba’s tomb and restore the ruby to his tomb once again. But beware – the tomb is still protected by traps and ancient puzzles and getting to the pharaoh’s room won’t be easy!